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pieces of joy in each day


on April 23, 2011

Here is a side note for today.

I can’t wait for Easter.

Yesterday I was singing with the choir for Good Friday service and I was filled with such sadness. The music was powerful and so were the priest’s words. The atmosphere was so solemn as we walked up to kiss the cross with a real piece of the True Cross on it. We are reminded that the suffering the cross brought also allowed us to be reconciled to God. Suffering can bring joy?

Afterwards I went down from the choir loft to the church to pray some more. I reached to get some holy water but it was gone. I looked to the front of the church for the tabernacle, and it was empty. Jesus wasn’t there. There are only 2 days in the whole year where mass isn’t celebrated. Good Friday and Holy Saturday. It is amazing how I take the mass for granted, take Jesus for granted, and then on these two days it is a shocking reality that He died.

So now I’m ready for that joy to come from the suffering and sadness. I’m ready to bless myself with holy water again and to see the tabernacle inhabited again. I’m ready to be reminded of the victory Jesus won over death. And so today I wait.

Tonight is the Easter vigil, where we celebrate new life, not only in His resurrection, but for those who are becoming part of the Catholic Church. A friend from high school is joining the church tonight and I’m SO excited for her. She has been going through RCIA for almost a year now, which consists of weekly classes and meetings to learn more about the faith. Please say a prayer for Jody today!

It’s almost here….


One response to “anticipation

  1. Kathy says:

    Kari, Thanks for sharing such an introspective post on your Easter experience this year. It is hard to fathom a piece/splinter from Jesus’s cross is in the cross at your church. What a powerful and inspirational time for you. Have a joyous day on Sunday! Love, Kathy F.


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