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He’s Alive!

on April 25, 2011

The small thing from yesterday: using my new china!

First of all, Happy Easter! I can’t begin to explain the joy I felt after coming home from the Easter Vigil mass. He’s alive!

We hosted a few friends for the Easter meal, so I got to break out our fancy dishes and place mats and napkins. It was beautiful!

I trusted my husband on the placement of the silverware, but I shouldn’t have. I now know the spoon goes on the outside…oh well, I really just wanted the spoon to feel protected. 😉

Here is a close up of our beautiful china plates. I love them!

We enjoyed ham, potato casserole, salad, rolls, fruit, deviled eggs, and carrot cake for dessert. It smelled like grandma’s house, which was almost like being there.

We also had a few other Easter candies to snack on, since I have to have my fix of them.

Notice it is only the red flavors…genius!

And whoever decided that making reese’s peanut butter eggs should be considered a genius as well. Too good to just have one, for real.

So after eating enough food to feed a small army we spent hours playing games: Bananagrams, Pirate’s Cove, and a new one called Power Grid.

It was a wonderfully relaxing day spent with good food and friends. I missed my family terribly and longed to watch the egg hunt or eat the cherries off the pineapple at grandma’s house. But, our first holiday together away from home wasn’t so terrible. And no matter where we are Jesus still is risen and that is something to celebrate!

How did you celebrate Easter this year?

Here is the perfect Easter song. You need to listen to it. The words are powerful and around minute 4 the chorus comes in and brings chills everytime. If nothing else you can enjoy Dolly’s amazing outfit. He’s Alive!


7 responses to “He’s Alive!

  1. Keith says:

    SO I read the headline and immediately thought of the Dolly Parton song and how I would make mom fast forward to the cool part of the song on the square discman in our old minivan. I would always want to listen to “white limousine,” “Why’d you come in here lookin’ like that” and “He’s Alive.”

    I celebrated Easter at Grandma and Papa Kennedy’s with all the cousins (except 7 of them where not there) so there were 4 kids. It was significantly quieter than other family gatherings.


    • Kari says:

      I thought of you as I was writing the post, so think of yourself as part of my inspiration for putting that song in the post. I remember hearing all those Dolly songs ALL THE TIME. Oh we have such good memories from childhood 🙂

      I’m bummed I missed Easter, but hopefully we’ll be able to attend one in the near future.


  2. Grandma Kennedy says:

    It was different this year without you and Ken’s family. I even had a few problems getting the dinner together. No cherries on the pineapple as they were not the best to do that so just cut what was good of them and served them in a bowl! Did have ham and potato casserole plain green beans (for Jeff) two salads from Bernadette. I did Rhodes rolls that were good and carrot cake with whipped cream cheese icing! Mary Grace had her egg hunt but like Keith said it was much quieter than usual. We did the horse race game after dinner but that was not noisy like when you are here. Even Kirk said he was bored. Think it is time to turn the holidays over to the younger generation to carry on the traditions we established! Bernadette said it will get back to noisy and more people when all the grandkids get married and start having families. We will look forward to that time!


    • Kari says:

      Change is hard, but I like to think we’ve done a good job handling it as a family. I’m glad you still did the egg hunt for Mary Grace and still provided a good meal and family time. I thought of you all many times throughout the day, though!


  3. Kathy says:

    Hi, Kari! I love “being” a part of your joyous Easter celebration! As I was scrolling down, I thought, oh, no…. the spoon is on the wrong side; continuing to scroll down I read what you wrote and laughed out loud.

    Isn’t that funny? In a split fraction of a second, something like that was noticed. How unimportant, but my mind works like that all the time.

    We sang a new version of Christ the Lord is Risen Today and I’m not sure I ever got the hang of the “new” tune. I guess I’m too much of a traditionalist.

    A belated Happy Easter to you. Luv, Kathy


    • Kari says:

      Haha. I knew at least one person would catch the mistake! I almost didn’t post pictures because I was so embarrassed, but I figured I needed to show some of my imperfections!


  4. Brook says:

    Hi, Kari!

    I celebrated with the Vigil Mass at the Cathedral (AWESOME!) and then went to the farm and saw nearly my whole family for Easter Sunday. So fun!

    Miss you!!


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