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on May 12, 2011

Today’s small thing: the word “wow”.

This is the favorite word of my birthday buddy whom I hung out with today. He just turned 1 and thinks everything is worth a ‘wow’.  I should have counted how many times he said it today! (here is an estimate)

We watched the construction workers move dirt and rocks for about 30 minutes: 10 wows

He knocked down numerous block towers before they were built: 7 wows

He tackled me until he couldn’t take my tickling anymore: 2 wows

We danced to the music of his many obnoxious toys: 4 wows

He ate some delicious veggies and drank some milk: 5 wows

And in between all the fun he still found time to take a few hour long naps to recuperate: a wow from me!

I know he probably doesn’t know what ‘wow’ means, and it definitely isn’t his gauge of how much fun he was having with me. But it did make me stop and think about the ‘wow’ moments I could spend more time experiencing.

My ‘wow’ of today was standing next to an open window, no screen, and feeling the force of a thunderstorm. The pounding of the rain, the tug of the wind, and the strobe of the lightning. I rarely really stop to say ‘wow’ and marvel at how awesome a storm really is.

I love this kid, and we had a blast together. I’m thankful that his love for the word ‘wow’ inspired me. Little ones tend to do that a lot more than we expect, I think.

What is a ‘wow’ moment from your day?

I miss you guys. Let me know you’re still reading! 🙂


5 responses to “.w.o.w.

  1. Anne O'Brien says:

    I am still reading!


  2. Mikala says:

    I’m still reading!! I enjoyed your link to Joe’s KC blog post too! It reminded me of why I love KC!


  3. brook says:

    Still reading! My wow – reveling in how awesome hugs from old friends are!


  4. jepete says:

    Love your blog posts!


  5. Jeyne says:

    I will continue to read as long as you continue to write. I enjoy getting on the website in the morning with my bagel and fruit to find out if you have added to your blog. Much love – Jeyne


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