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the dominion of catan

on May 19, 2011

One small thing from this past weekend: 15 hours of board games

As most of you have probably figured out, Jonathan and I love to play board games. Friday night we attended a game night where we played Mystery Express and Dominion.

Saturday night our friends Jeff and Erin hosted a beer tasting party, and once most of the people left we played Dominion and Settlers of Catan. The crazy part is that we started to play Catan at about 11:30, and we added two expansions to the game as well!

We laughed, groaned and argued,

but when the going got tough, we just told each other to eat another cake ball. Erin liked them the best.

We were so invested in the game, but when it hit about 2am we decided to pause and resume after church on Sunday.

So we finished playing Catan (I unfortunately did not win) and played some more Dominion before heading to another game night to play Shadows Over Camelot. 

I am impressed with our gaming stamina. The thing I love about playing games is that each time you play you learn something new, and your chances of winning increase. It is also fun to play with good people who you enjoy being around. You can learn a lot about people while playing a game with them. (The best and worst qualities can come out!!)

So as much as I love games, I hope that we don’t do these marathon game weekends very often. I think I am still catching up on sleep!

What is your favorite board game? Is there one you think Jonathan and I should try?

P.S. Here is the recipe for the cake balls if you’re interested. Mine weren’t very pretty because I didn’t have enough time to dip them all…oops! I used funfetti cake and vanilla icing, but you can use whatever cake and icing you’d like!


2 responses to “the dominion of catan

  1. Erin says:

    I would like to second this day as a totally awesome one! We really enjoyed having y’all over and can’t wait for the next game marathon. Also, the cake balls were amazing- thanks for including the recipe so I can begin stuffing myself.

    Have a great weekend in Kansas


  2. Gina says:

    Settlers of Catan is actually my favorite board game!!! Nerdy, I know! Glad you enjoyed it. They can last a long time though.
    much love!


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