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on May 24, 2011

The small thing from this weekend: familiar faces.

It takes a long time for things to feel familiar. I’ve lived in South Bend for almost 10 months now and it still feels foreign sometimes. I rarely see people I know at the grocery store or driving around, and I still can get lost in this place.

This is not the case for me going back to Kansas City. More specifically Lenexa and Overland Park. I know how to get almost anywhere in those areas, and when I was living there it was inevitable to see someone I knew almost anywhere I went. I really miss that.

Jonathan and I were in KC for a very quick trip to celebrate my brother and his sister graduating from college. We were in town for a little over 48 hours and it wasn’t nearly enough. We spent most of our time with family and we were fortunate to see a few friends. Of course I would have loved to see ALL of our friends, but as I’m learning, when you visit home for only two days it is impossible to do all you desire. I apologize to all those whom I did not get to visit…hopefully our time will come soon.

Saturday we celebrated Keith’s graduation from the great institution of Kansas State University. The ceremony was in Manhattan last weekend (I watched via online streaming) so we had his party on Saturday. Many friends and family were able to join us eating all of my mothers delectable desserts and sharing in the excitement of Keith’s next journey in life. He now gets to work full time, pay bills, save for a car/house, and start paying off student loans! I’m so proud of my brother. He did so much while he was in college, it makes me want to go back so I can do half as much as he did. From a mission trip and alternative spring break at St. Jude’s to being president of Leadership Ambassadors and acting in the improv group…He’s an amazing person and wonderful brother. I am so blessed to have him in my life!

Keith and I when I visited Manhattan a few years ago

Sunday was spent with my in-laws in the dreaded Lawrence…that is how much I love you, Jennifer. Anyway, we watched my sister-in-law walk down ‘the hill’ on KU’s campus and then ate some more delicious food among family. It was awesome to have both of our families together celebrating. I love how we all get along so well. We are so lucky to have such amazing families! I am so proud of Jennifer and her accomplishments. She studied abroad in Scotland and worked on the set of the TV show Leverage. Her next steps are going to be exciting, I know it.

Jennifer and I in South Bend spring break 2010

So needless to say I was surrounded by familiar faces and it was wonderful. I was enclosed in a blanket of smiles, laughter, and love. My heart is still with you all in KC and I think you for still being with me.

What do you love about your family? I love that we can be silly and actually like hanging out with each other!


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