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brings back memories

on May 26, 2011

Today’s small thing: songs that remind me of the past 

I have always thought it amazing that songs can remind you of an exact place or time in your life. It’s like you’re literally transported back to that moment, reliving a certain event or emotion.

Yesterday was a day full of those songs.

I was at church choir practice and the first song we sang was “Eternal Father, Strong to Save”. This was the hymn sung in the movie Titanic,  and while singing it I pictured the very scene from the movie and almost simultaneously remembered my excitement when I left the movie theater after seeing the then epic film.

The next two songs couldn’t have been more perfectly connected. We sang “We are One Body” and “Go Make a Difference” which were probably the two most sung songs when I was in youth choir in high school. These songs remind me of my first encounter with church music that I connected with both musically and spiritually. These songs were the catalyst for my love of more contemporary Christian music and, farther in the future, writing and recording songs.

Lastly, and a little less seriously, I heard the song “I Say a Little Prayer for You” from My Best Friend’s Wedding. This song reminds me of my crazy cousins on my mom’s side. For some reason this song reminds me of them. I’m told we sang this in public once, but I don’t seem to have that locked away in my memory…maybe I was embarassed or something! Anyway, this song brings me a lot of joy because it reminds me of the many fun times I’ve had with those crazy cousins.

There are MANY more songs that I could mention, and I might respond in the comments section, as long as others do!

And now, on to you. What is a song that brings back memories when you hear it? Please share your songs and memories. This could be really fun!!


4 responses to “brings back memories

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow – one song transcends generations! This is my memory of Aretha Franklin’s “I’ll say a little prayer for you,” introduced by the consummate performer of all time, Sammy Davis, Jr.!

    I liked My Best Friend’s Wedding, but I don’t connect this song with that movie. This is a memory of the 60’s and my high school and college years. Aretha – the Mother of Soul!!


  2. Courtney Hoover says:

    The Numa Numa Song. For obvious reasons…

    I have tons of others, there are really too many to mention. I seem to associate memories with songs and movie quotes. And stories about bracelets. Shocking, I know…


    • Kari says:

      Yes! The Numa song! Gosh, I remember Kirk reenacting the youtube video, us dancing to it in your kitchen while making food for my parents’ anniversary party…so fun.


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