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a lesson

on May 27, 2011

Today’s small thing: getting a lesson on tequila 

One thing that is great about Indiana: they sell liquor in the grocery store! So I went to Meijer to get some groceries and some margarita mix for tonight. As I was walking up and down the aisle, trying to decide if I should get pre-mixed margaritas or buy the tequila and mix separately, a friendly employee asked if I was looking for anything particular.

Normally my pride gets me and I say ‘I got it’ and I continue looking for 15 minutes, just because I want to be the one to find what I’m looking for. Today I felt like taking him up on his offer to help. I then end up in a good 20 minute conversation about the different types of tequila, how it is made, which one is the best, and so on. He also guided me in making the most cost-effective purchase. I said I know I will drink a lot of margaritas in my lifetime so it is ok for me to take a risk and try a new brand. ha.

I thanked him for his help and left pretty excited to try something new. I really appreciated his willingness to educate me on such an important thing. 😉

What is something new you’d like to try?


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