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a follow-up

on June 9, 2011

My last post was over a week ago, and I have a few reasons for that.

1. I have been so excited about getting a new job that is pretty much all my brain has been working with.

2. I went to KC this past weekend for a wedding and bridal shower, so I had pretty much ZERO time for blogging.

3. There have been so many things I’ve wanted to blog about that I’ve gotten overwhelmed and haven’t found the motivation to spend lots of time typing.

So I have decided to describe my job some more before I get back to tracking the ‘small things’ that have happened this weekend.

My new job is teaching 6th and 7th grade Language arts/reading. I will teach 3 homerooms of students two classes (Language Arts and Reading), so I will see about 75 students total but see them two times. It’s a very similar set-up to what I have taught in the past so I feel it will be a fairly easy transition. The school is a K-8 Catholic school, and it is also the school of  the parish Jonathan and I belong to. I did a few days of subbing for the teacher I am replacing, so I have a decent idea of how things will work!

I’m not sure when I’ll get to start setting things up or thumbing through the curriculum. Right now I’m just focusing on being thankful for having a full time job next school year, and as Josie said, it is a great way to pass the time until I get back to KC!

Speaking of new jobs, my brother who just graduated started a paid internship for the summer on Monday. His tweets about the experience need to be shared…

“We operate with three letter acronyms, or TLAs.” #firstday

Security just got in the elevator on a segway. #firstday


Keep the job tweets coming, Keith!

So, here’s to new jobs!

What do you remember about getting a new job? I remember realizing that I’d actually be getting money!!


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