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fishy fry

on June 9, 2011

A small thing from Sunday: beer battered fish

“Smell that?
Know what that is?
It’s freedom.
No, it’s fish.
It’s freedom, and it’s money.
Okay, okay, it’s freedom.
Come on, let’s get out of here before somebody sees us.
And it’s fish”

(Name that movie…)

One of my more vivid memories from childhood is going fishing with my grandparents. We would spend hours in a boat or on shore casting out and reeling in, casting out and reeling in, watching the bobber, watching the bobber…and sometimes we would get lucky and be able to take fish home to eat!

Our favorite type of fish are crappie. Pronounced craw-pee, not craa-pee. An important distinction.

Grandpa would clean the fish into nice fillets and grandma would make a delicious beer batter and fry them to a crispy golden color. The smell still lingers in my memory.

My dad and brothers joined my grandparents last week for a fishing excursion, and I told them that they needed to catch enough so we could have fish when I came home. Well, they didn’t catch enough big ones to deliver my request, however, my grandparents had some leftover in the freezer from a previous trip.

Enter fish fry.

Even though it was a very short visit, I’m thankful for the quality time, and the fish.

What is one food that carries a memory for you? 


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