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where is the toothpaste?

on July 13, 2011

A small thing from yesterday: finding my toothpaste…

On Tuesday night I was doing my normal routine to get ready for bed. I was preparing to brush my teeth but when I reached for my toothpaste, it was missing. I figured I must have misplaced it since my organizational skills are less than perfect. But when I searched all the normal places I then concluded it must have been Jonathan.

I then asked him, in a non-incriminating fashion, if he used my toothpaste. He says no and he continues to lay on the bed, watching my every move. I ask him again, just to see if he’s playing. He says no, but suggests I should check my medicine cabinet. I did, and still no toothpaste. He then says he sees a hint of blue on the top shelf. I move some things around, and there, cleverly hidden behind some facewash and other soaps, is my toothpaste.

He didn’t use it. He took it and hid it. And watched with amusement as I searched.

I had to laugh, so I did for a few minutes, complimented him on his cleverness, and continued my getting ready for bed routine.

Then I woke up yesterday morning and went to brush my teeth. Guess what was missing?


But this time I knew where to find it.



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