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our story: the meet-cute

on July 14, 2011

Here it is. I promised I’d do this about a month ago, and I’ve finally found time to post! Here is the beginning of a series of posts about Jonathan and my story. I feel that it is important that we share with each other our experiences to better learn about ourselves, but also each other. I encourage you to read our story and find a piece of yours in it. Please share your thoughts and experiences with me as I share our story!

Our Story: The meet-cute

I met my husband three weeks before he moved to Indiana for grad school. It was the summer of 2008 and I was just at the end of a dating fast…meaning I wasn’t allowing myself to go on dates for the 6 months prior in order to focus more on making me the best version of myself. I had just moved into a new apartment with my best friend and things were going pretty great.

We met around mid-July 2008. We both were at a meeting for the Collaborators of Your Joy, which is a group of people led by the Apostles of the Interior life (a group of wonderful Italian nuns). Their mission is to help lay people learn more about their faith and find ways to share their faith with the community. They work with students at KU and had just recently begun to widen their presence into the KC area. Jonathan was involved with the Apostles while at KU. He helped out with retreats and various happenings at the St. Lawrence Center. I was involved because my aunt and uncle invited me to a meeting earlier that year and I some of my new friends in KC were involved too.

I had noticed a new face, mostly because I always was looking for new male faces, and my curiosity was heightened since he seemed to know some of my friends. After the meeting some of my friends were talking in a group, with this new face, and I decided to go and introduce myself. We had a very short conversation then I invited him to join us for a drink at a local bar.

We arrived at the bar and ended up sitting right across from each other. At this point I think I had surmised that he was moving in the near future, so I had a strike of boldness aka the Holy Spirit. What did I have to lose? At the very beginning of our conversation I said, “Tell me your story.”

We then dove into our past lives, discussing family, friends, hardships, joys, all while The Mikey Needleman Band was playing in the background and my friends were wondering if we were rekindling a long lost friendship. I remember having to explain that we had just met, even though we spent the whole night talking.

We said our goodbyes and I told him good luck in school. I figured that’d be the last I’d see him.

A few days later Catholic Challenge Sports had an end of the year picnic at Shawnee Mission Park where a bunch of my friends would be hanging out playing games. We spent most of the evening tossing a Frisbee around (of course he in a KU shirt and me in my Wildcat Purple) and chatting more about our lives.

He even hit me in the eye with the Frisbee and it quickly turned purple! It was probably my poor catching skills which led to the injury, but I like to blame him.

A few days later Jonathan invited our mutual friends Dan and Kelly over to his parents’ house for dinner and games. Somehow Laura and I were invited along as well. So we went over, had dinner with most of his family, and played a great game of Pop5. As the night wound down, we said goodbye for what I really thought would be the last time, but then realized he would be back in town for Dan and Kelly’s wedding in a few months. I then said that he should save a dance for me in November, and again wished him good luck. Seriously, I’m not usually that bold!

Here is an excerpt from my journal on July 25th, 2008 (interesting that it is almost exactly 2 years prior to our wedding day!)

It is so funny what God has given recently. I met this great guy only two weeks ago, we connected so quickly and I have seen him a few times since then. I could see myself being interested but the crazy thing is that he’s moving to Notre Dame for his PhD! I’m just laughing at how the guy I connect with is leaving. Pretty sure that is a sign that my focus is not for men right now!

Interesting, isn’t it? I did, however, send him an email telling him to thank his mom for hosting us for dinner. I didn’t hear from him so I put him out of my mind, mostly.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our story: The Start of Something Good


7 responses to “our story: the meet-cute

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this. I didn’t know the part about you two playing frisbee. It makes me love those pictures even more. 🙂


  2. Dcn. David says:

    Can’t wait to hear the next installment. God bless you Kari.

    P.S. I know he must have meant to hit you in the eye because i know your frisbee skills …


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  5. […] 1.  our story: the meet-cute […]


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