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feelin’ hot hot hot

on July 17, 2011

Today’s small thing: feeling the sand between my toes.

We are expecting high heat in the north this week, so why not kick it off with a day at the beach? I’m not sure if I have accurately expressed how awesome it is to live 45 minutes from Lake Michigan. The beach we go to, Warren Dunes State Park, is more than fabulous. So today, we bathed in ice cold lake water (it was frigid!), soaked up some sun rays, and felt the hot sand burn the bottoms of our feet.

It was perfect.

This is the third installment of  fun in Jonathan’s birthday weekend. We kicked it off with a Friday night viewing of the last Harry Potter movie. Yesterday we spent some time with friends and did Jonathan’s favorite thing: played lots of board games. And today was the beach.

Again, it was perfect.

What do you like to do on HOT days???

P.S. Happy belated birthday to my absolutely wonderful husband. (I meant to write a post about it yesterday, on his birthday, but time got away.) He’s smart, witty, compassionate, tricky, clever, observant, curious, loving, faithful, loyal….and most of all, he’s my bestest friend. Please say a prayer for another happy and healthy year of life!


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