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on July 18, 2011

Today’s small thing: tying ribbons in bows.

This has been quite the summer for weddings. I’ve attended 4 so far this summer, and one more this coming weekend, our anniversary weekend! As I’ve been attending these weddings I’ve been seeing them in a new light. I now know what goes into the preparation; the emotions, stresses, and small tasks involved that make the day memorable for all involved.

Today I helped my friend Victoria prepare for her wedding which is this coming Friday. We worked on arranging the candy for the candy bar, picking vases for the centerpieces, and folding programs.

I really enjoy doing tasks like this. I like being creative and watching the pieces slowly come together. That is why I really loved tying the programs together with ribbon. They were great without the bows, but once that splash of color and texture was added it was extra beautiful.

It’s all about the details. (This is funny for me to say because sometimes I’m not so cognizant of details!) But it’s true.

Something small can make a huge difference.

What small tasks do you like to do? I like to fold paper, tie ribbons, and delete lots of emails from my inbox. 🙂



2 responses to “ribbons

  1. Anonymous says:

    You… not cognizant of details? Nah! I remember giving you options for your wedding and you saying whatever would be fine. And it was fine. It was better than fine… it was great!! 🙂

    As for your actual question, I’m all about the details. I love the small things that no one really things about but can make all the difference in the world. But most of all, I like doing any small thing that makes someone else’s life happoer or easier. Whether in work or life.


    PS- Hugs to Victoria and Brett on their wedding day!!! I’ll be praying for their happy life together.


    • Kari says:

      I have learned, through your wise teachings, that details really do matter. And I put that into practice when helping Victoria. It’s so much easier to do though, when it’s not for yourself because the stress isn’t on your shoulders!


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