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chocolate mail

on July 23, 2011

The small thing from the past few days: receiving chocolate in the mail!!

It first began with a package on Wednesday from my mother-in-law. It contained all the ingredients to make a chocolate chip cookie cake! She had everything (except for eggs and vanilla) measured out and packaged in ziplock bags along with an ice pack (which was definitely not ice anymore). I mixed it all together and placed it in the pan.

and after 15 minutes, it was the perfect birthday cookie for Jonathan from his mama in Kansas!

It was delicious! So I figured we’d have enough chocolate for a while, but then a package came yesterday from MY mom!

She ordered fudge from Murdick’s Fudge from Macinac Island—where we went on our honeymoon–as an anniversary present!!

Look at all that chocolate! Thank you to our moms for loving us through chocolate.

I think this is incentive for you to come visit and share the chocolatey goodness 🙂

What would you LOVE to be sent to you in the mail?


One response to “chocolate mail

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lucky duck! I love chocolate. Happy Anniversary!


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