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on August 20, 2011

A small thing from Thursday: Balloon Animals

I apologize for my absence from the blogging world. I started teaching on Wednesday, so my brain has been overloaded and fried over the course of the last week…and I’m just getting it back into working order.

The past three days have been quite the whirlwind. My room has transformed from an empty workspace to a chaotic learning center. There are books under the desks, abandoned schedules on top, and name tags hooked to every chair. I have written on every whiteboard, my projector has barely slept, but all is right in this situation.

I am happy.

It is amazing how nervous I was leading up to students coming. New school, new kids, new everything. New everything except for the fact that I am not new to teaching. This became clear to me as soon as the first student entered my room. It was like going from 0-60 in two seconds. I forgot about my anxieties. I forgot that I hadn’t had my own classroom in a year. I forgot that I was new.

It all came back, like riding a bike.

Thursday night was the book fair at Barnes and Noble. I went to show my support of the school, and to see my kiddos with their families. My principal was there in the children’s section reading the book “Balloon Farm”. He knew their names, their families, and engaged them in the story. He even made balloon animals for them after he was done reading.

It was then I felt I was where I belonged.

This scene illustrated what I love about teaching. Educating the whole student. Being a part of their lives. Not only giving them knowledge, but helping them become good people…inside and outside of the classroom.

I wish I would have asked him to make me a balloon to remind me of this.

If you were to get a customized balloon animal (or object), what would you get?



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