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slow dancin’

on September 9, 2011

Today’s small thing: 6th grader dance practice

A flyer went out to all the middle school students today. “Jr. High Dance Tonight”.

Most kids were excited. Others had the sign of dread painted on their faces. Others got right to practicing their dance skills.

I’m not talking about the moves to the cupid shuffle or like the famous scene in the movie Hitch. I’m talking about the slow dancing.

A few of my outgoing 6th grade boys decided they needed to practice for the big night, so as I’m sitting at my desk waiting for dismissal, I see these two boys talking with each other and then beginning what they thought was slow dancing. They were telling each other to take a step forward, then to the side, then back, resembling the basic box step. (Where they got this idea, I don’t know. At least its closer to dancing then the middle school sway.) Then they couldn’t decide where the girls hands go, or which one of them was the girl in the scenerio.

I couldn’t help myself, so I was laughing at the whole thing. The boys just kept on going, in an almost serious fashion. I finally told them that they would have to go take lessons somewhere else. They just smiled and admitted they would probably get rejected a few times, and went back to working on their homework.

Oh middle school.

What music do you love to dance to? (Yes, I want to hear from YOU!) I love to do line dances and to swing dance with my talented husband. 🙂


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