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mrs ashley wants YOU…

on September 14, 2011

Today’s small thing: a student’s request.

It is student council campaign time at my school, which means lots of posters and hopefully entertaining speeches.

Two sixth grade girls from my homeroom came up to me and said they had a strange request.

They wanted to put a picture of my face on Uncle Sam and use it for their campaign poster, with the tagline, “Mrs. Ashley wants YOU to vote for Rachel.”

I was stuck. Of course I’d want my face on a middle school campaign poster…its my first step to fame! But once the moment of being starstruck faded I came to my senses and respectfully declined their proposition.

I really was flattered that they wanted to use me as their campaign poster, but wow, I would make a strange looking Uncle Sam.

What would your campaign poster say? When I ran for student council representative as a freshman I used the political background of my maiden name, Kennedy. It was something along the lines of “Put another Kennedy in office, vote for Kari.” I thought I was so clever. 🙂


One response to “mrs ashley wants YOU…

  1. Kathy says:

    Kari, I have always been politically involved. When I was three years old, my aunts or parents would drag me to the polls and they would have me stand there and look so cute and pass out literature as people went in to vote and ask them to vote for that particular candidate. After about ten years of that, they came up with the legal requirement of having to stand no closer than 300 feet from the polling entrance. That law still stands today. Hmmm, I wonder why?

    Anyway, when I wanted to do something myself (no aunts or parents) I went to the principal, Sister Helen Marie and asked if I could pass out political literature for our soon-to-be first Catholic president. There was some big function at school on a Friday evening with parents and parishioners to celebrate Father Morrarity’s 25th year in the priesthood. She agreed and I passed out leaflets that said, “Mamie, start packing, the Kennedy’s are moving in!”

    Needless to say, on Monday morning, she called me into the principal’s office and pointed out the fact that what I passed out wasn’t exactly what she thought I had asked to do, but told me since she did not ask to see or preview what I was passing out that she assumed full responsibility. What a great lesson for me to observe an adult in such a situation. (Personally, I think she “had” to “talk” to me, but really didn’t mind. I think all the adults enjoyed it.)

    P.S. I talked to your mom a few days ago and said to her, “Kari lives the farthest away, and I feel as though I communicate with her more than you because I read each blog.” Your momma just laughed her wonderful laugh at me!! luv ya – Kathy


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