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funnel cakes and apple dumplings

on October 2, 2011

Yesterday’s small thing: small town festival

I absolutely love fall. The smell, the colors, the temperature. Yesterday was a perfect fall day. Clear blue sky, 60 degrees and sunny with a breeze. We set out to enjoy the day by heading about 9 miles north to Niles, Michigan to join the festivities at the Apple Festival. Accompanied by our friends Brett, Victoria, and Ellen, we spent the day roaming through arts and craft booths, lots and lots of artery clogging food and beverages, and interesting displays and contests.



The boys found some fun toys and enjoyed a snack, while the ladies roamed each booth and made sure to taste test everything possible.

Aren’t they adorable?

We found a little bit of Kansas City while looking at the crafts. The first is an outfit for a stuffed Goose…not sure why one would need that. And the second is a little handmade bag. I wanted to buy them both, just because they reminded me of home.

We found some amazing yard art made from pebbles. Don’t you just want to take him home?

After enjoying the creativity of so many people we adventured to see what other things this festival had to offer. First was the scarecrow contest.

Pretty sure that is the best Michael Jackson scarecrow I’ve ever seen…

Then we saw the biggest apple candidates.

We needed to give the viewer a reference point with our free apple. Following the apple tent (or before, there was so much to see) we saw the log sawing competition. Apparently the winners of the beauty pageant, the apple princesses, participated too.

We then watched a demonstration by the police’s K-9 unit. The $13,000 German Shepherd sniffed out drugs from luggage and a truck, and even apprehended a bad guy!

We had a great time at the festival. I got my funnel cake and fresh root beer (in a tin mug, with which I get $1 refills for life!) and Jonathan got his pure maple syrup and a new toy. Victoria and Ellen got their apple fix with dumplings and cider, and Brett joined Jonathan with a new toy as well. I was so excited to be outside and enjoying a beautiful day with friends and fun.

When you go to a festival or a fair, what do you HAVE to get or do? I must get a funnel cake!














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