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king of the eighty-eights

on October 12, 2011

Today’s small thing: a surprise piano concert

I almost didn’t go to choir practice tonight.

I was tired from a crazy day, I had lots of papers to grade and lessons to plan, and I really just wanted to sit on the couch with the hubby and waste away in front of the TV.

As I contemplated skipping tonight, something in the back of my head said, “But what if you miss something?”

So I went, unwitting. There were a lot of new people, a small child whose mother wasn’t very attentive, and I was sort of dazing off when the other sections were learning their parts. I was just sitting there, dutifully, hoping we’d be done early so I could meet my couch for our long overdue appointment.

We ended early (yes!) and as I was gathering my things our choir director points to our piano player and invited him to give an announcement.

–A little background on our piano player: He is originally from Georgia (not the state) and has been playing piano since he was around 5. He came to the US to study when he was 19 and has been playing at our church every Sunday for about 12 years. He travels around the world playing in competitions mainly, but has also performed in many places including Carnegie Hall. Needless to say he is quite extraordinary.–

His announcement was that he is playing in a competition in Cincinnati on Sunday and asked if he could play for us, to calm his nerves. In other words we were going to get a free piano concert, and I had a front row seat!

He moved and breathed with the 15 minute piece. I heard him humming the parts, breathing deeply with the fast complicated movements, and leaning in close for the gentle, soft parts. My eyes didn’t leave his fingers.

When he finished I didn’t want to stop clapping. I could barely breathe. All I could say was “Wow” and the other choir members just smiled, knowing exactly what I was feeling. What amazing talent. The ability to not only play such a complicated piece, but to convey such emotion to a crowd of listeners is incredible to witness.

Spellbound. Speechless. Inspired.

So, the little voice in my head was right. I would have missed something. Something more valuable than grading papers, that’s for sure.

I’m glad I went to choir practice tonight.

When was a time when you fell speechless?


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