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on November 13, 2011

Yesterday’s small thing: a new project

I feel for most of my relationship with my husband I have wanted to make sure I spend all of my time with him. I think that is heightened because we were long distance for our whole dating relationship, so I still have this sense of urgency that every moment we have together needs to be special and doing something productive. Even the year where I wasn’t working, I still felt that once he got home I should be ready to give him my full attention.

Well that sure has changed now that I’m working full-time!

When Jonathan and I were living apart, and then when I wasn’t working, I had a lot of time to do things for me. I had my small group, my close friends, my family, and other things that kept me full, so to speak. Now that I’m working full time, and away from the life I was used to in Kansas, I’m realizing that there are many things that I’m neglecting.

This all became clear as I was extremely overwhelmed last week. I missed my family, missed my friends, and was under a huge pile of everything at school. I was basically working, cooking, cleaning, and sleeping. (I know a lot of you feel this way, especially those of you with kids!) I wasn’t finding joy in any of it. And I finally realized that this was a big problem.

I needed some me time, yet I felt bad not spending time with my husband.

So Jonathan and I talked about it and decided that I wasn’t paying as much attention to ME as I needed to. I hadn’t touched my piano in a long time, my books to read were collecting dust, etc. I then made the conscious effort to not let work and my ‘duties’ take over me. In order for me to be the best wife, daughter, sister, teacher, I need to make sure I’m filling myself.

So yesterday I picked up some materials to start making some Christmas decorations. ( I will reveal the final product when it’s finished.) It was so fun just sitting and working on a craft. I didn’t think about school or being away from home, and it was great. Jonathan sat right next to me reading some rules to a new game he wants to play, and my friend Victoria was working on a craft of her own. I guess I forgot that I can still have me time in the company of others.

It was a lovely afternoon, and a great reminder that in order to take care of others we must first take care of ourselves.

What craft or project would you like to start?


2 responses to “being crafty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it amazing to look back and see how God works!! He gave you that year off of work so that you could have all of that free time with your new hubby! A special gift especially since your dating had to be all long distance. He knew what you needed more than you did!


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