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a musical weekend

on November 20, 2011

The small thing from this weekend: amazing musical experiences.

I think you might remember me mentioning a night after choir practice where our amazing accompanist played a little concert for us, and I was speechless afterward. Well, I found out he was playing in town with a few other amazing piano players, so I dragged Victoria along with me (Jonathan was having a guys night) to the concert.

We walked into the auditorium and my eyes were drawn to the two Steinway grand pianos on the stage. TWO! That means some pieces will have TWO players. YES. The performers were all incredible, and I was soaking in every note. The pianist I knew was the best, of course. He plays with such emotion and I truly was mesmerized. I’m hoping to hear him play many times in the future. Here is a clip from his competition in Toronto in 2010. Skip to minute 24 to hear the finale and see his hands just fly across the keys! (There will be a short ad before the video starts)

Toronto Piano Competition

So of course I’m on a music high after hearing such beautiful music.

Then today I went to mass to sing with the choir. The bishop came to celebrate mass with us because it is the solemnity of Christ the King, which is my church’s namesake as well. So of course our choir director went crazy with our music selection, and she brought in a brass quartet. Also our cantor was an opera singer who travels and has sang at the Lyric Opera in Chicago! So you can imagine how powerful the music of today’s liturgy was. It was so awesome to be a part of such amazing music.

The best part was the communion meditation. Our amazing accompanist (the guy I heard perform on Friday) and the incredible opera singer (who was the cantor of mass today) did a famous arrangement of “The Lord’s Prayer.” When they began I just sat back and closed my eyes. With the progression of the song I felt myself relax more and focus on the words being sung. Chills began to raise closer to the end of the song, and when he belted out the word “forever” small tear drops trickled down my face. I can’t remember the last time I was moved to tears after listening to music. I was stunned. What a beautiful gift music is, especially when it is written with greater purpose and performed by such talented musicians.

I would love to share that power and emotion with others. And I want others to feel what I felt!

Here is the same version of “The Lord’s Prayer” that was played today. I chose this version because Mario Lanza’s voice is very much like the man who sang today. I also will post the version sung by Andrea Bocelli and the Morman Tabernacle choir. Both are fantastic, and really worth spending the extra few minutes to watch.

What musicians would you just love to hear live?

The part that made my tears fall occurs at 2:43 in the video. Close your eyes and it might move you too!

This is the other version I mentioned. Enjoy!


One response to “a musical weekend

  1. Keith says:

    Adele, duh. I would probably cut off my arm or shave my head or pay at least $100 to see her. I really would like to see a Michael Jackson concert, but that isn’t happening any time soon.


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