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o christmas tree

on December 3, 2011

Today’s small thing: decorating the Christmas tree.

Last year we didn’t put up a Christmas tree. We didn’t want to invest the money in a fake tree at the time, or leave a real tree to dry out while we visited Kansas over break. I was a little saddened by that fact.

I mentioned that to my friend Victoria, and she lent us one of her extra 4 ft. trees! YES.

So here it is, with all it’s beauty.

I realized that we didn’t have a tree topper, so I decided to imitate the tree at my parents house, with a bow on the top. Of course I don’t know how to make bows, so I had my mom meet me on Skype to give me a bow-making tutorial. It was way better than finding some random video on YouTube. 🙂 Plus I think my mom loves teaching me those things. Here is a close up of the result.

My favorite part about decorating the tree is looking through all of the ornaments. My family keeps each ornament in its original box (if possible) and writes the date when it was received. It is fun to remember what the ornaments represent in my life. I think it is neat how simple tree can hold many memories that will be treasured every year. I’m still unsure the real reason why we decorate trees for Christmas, but I know that for me it is an essential part of preparing for December 25th. It reminds me of the blessings I’ve experienced in my life, and the promise of many more in the future.

And of course some ornaments are just for fun…


What do you like about decorating a Christmas tree?



5 responses to “o christmas tree

  1. Keithy says:

    I only like how they look after all the work is done. You know how I hate the ornament box opening and closing and putting back in the box and they never fit. Blah!


  2. Anonymous says:

    The bow topper is th eonly way to go – I will have to send you a picture of our first family tree. Not too shabby –


  3. Courtney says:

    I love how each year decorating your tree is the same, yet different. You get the boxes of ornaments out. Remember the memories attached to each ornament, either grand memories like family vacations or small memories picking out an ornament yourself.

    Some years, I throw all my old ornaments on the tree, the hand made ones from class projects and lovely gifts from family and friends. Other years, I theme the tree. (This year’s tree is matte finished jewel tones and sparkle ornaments. I’ll post pictures soon!!) No two trees have ever looked the same even though my ornament collection has not changed.

    And I agree… the bow topper is the only way to go.


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