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familiar faces

on January 7, 2012

Today’s small thing: seeing familiar faces at the coffee shop

Most of my life I can remember going to stores and knowing that it would be likely I would run into people I know. Mostly because I grew up in the same area and knew people from school and my neighborhood.

Moving to a new city in a different state I have rarely had that experience. Maybe once or twice in the past year and a half I’ve lived here. It is isolating at times feeling like you don’t know people where you live.

Today I  began my Saturday routine of getting up and going to do school work at my favorite coffee shop, Quincy’s. As I walked in I heard my name (which is still strange to hear in my new place of residence). It was a friend who teaches at another school in the area (and Jonathan and I play games with she and her husband as often as we can…) so we sat and chatted for a while instead of doing the work we both planned to do while there.

So I settled in and began planning for the upcoming weeks. I look up and see a friend we met a long time ago when we moved, who I hadn’t seen in months. He came and chatted with me for a while, then I got back to work.

As I was packing up to leave, I went to throw my trash away and saw a guy who used to attend game nights a lot with us last year. We talked for a bit and then I finally left.

2 hours after I arrived I surmise I probably got about one hour of work done.

That’s why I love familiar faces, they make you smile and are a great distraction from work!

Where do you normally run into people you know?


One response to “familiar faces

  1. Erin says:

    It was great seeing you too!
    Keep up the great blog- we all enjoy those small things but sometimes it’s good to see someone else remind us of them. Have a great weekend!


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