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looking back

on January 15, 2012

Today’s small thing: remembering Christmas break

I just found the time today to upload pictures from our visit to KC for Christmas. I’ve been on overload recently with planning for the new semester at school and getting things put together at the apartment, that I’ve neglected such important things like pictures and blogging!

Christmas break was fabulous. We spent 10 days in the city we truly call home. It began with the Inman family Christmas, where we ate roast beast, 

laughed and talked,

and made coloring books for the kids at St. Jude Research Hospital.

Then 20 of us Inmans went to see my cousin Dave play hockey for the Larado Bucks. We even got to see him score, and we were the only 20 people cheering for the visiting team. We didn’t care, however, and continued to cheer on our cousin!

Christmas Eve was Kennedy Christmas with a delicious dinner and gift exchange, while discussing movies and television as well as trying to solve the world’s problems. We visited the Ashley side as well, enjoying much of the same conversation.

Mass was wonderful as usual, with the Kennedy family taking up two pews and enjoying the powerful mystery of Jesus’ birth.

We said goodbye to my mom and brothers that night as they would be heading to LONDON to ring in the new year with Kirk’s marching band.

The rest of our visit was spent between visiting the fabulous January family in Lyons, KS, seeing friends and playing our numerous new board games. We also played a few rounds of the innovative ‘Fear Factor Ker-Plunk”…I don’t like olives at all because of this game!

As usual I never feel like our visits are long enough. And as I’ve been reflecting on our time in KC, I am so thankful for the family and friends that are in my life. It is amazing to me that even though we spend most of our time up here in South Bend, we are still very much connected to our loved ones in KC.

It is hard to leave each time, but I take comfort in the fact that we have the opportunity to visit, and that our love tanks overflow each time.

I hope to keep that tank full until the next visit…

What was your favorite part about Christmas this year? 


One response to “looking back

  1. Courtney Hoover says:

    LONDON!! I had such a wonderful time in London with your mom and brothers. I look at the pictures on almost a daily basis, still not believing that I actually got to go!


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