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on January 24, 2012

Today’s small thing: 30 highly engaged students

I’ve been working hard. Planning lessons for 2 grade levels is much more difficult than I had anticipated. When I get ahead with one grade level, the other grade suffers, and vise versa. I guess that is the life of a teacher. Never having enough time to put into creating great lessons because you also have to grade papers, respond to emails, be present at meetings, and manage the students when they are in your room.

Needless to say it can get exhausting. It can get frustrating. It can get discouraging.

Today was just the rejuvenation I needed.

Today I assigned my 6th graders the job of creating a poster for one of their vocabulary words. They were to create a magazine ad, a wanted poster, a movie poster, or a travel poster for their assigned word and use synonyms, antonyms, etc. to promote it.

First I showed them examples of all types of posters and ads and told them to get to work. At first they were a little nervous at the abiguity of the lesson…sometimes freedom frightens them. So as I wandered around the room answering questions, I could feel the electricity start to spread. One student got a great idea and shared it with the person next to them, then that person got an idea and it pervaded the whole room.

I had students at my desk the whole time making sure things were right, sharing their ‘genius’ ideas and expressing their excitement.

I was shocked, really, at how well they responded.

It was FUN!

It is moments like that which remind me of why I do what I do. Those many extra hours of planning, grading, thinking, meeting, etc. DO pay off. Even if it is for the 30 minutes of energy I felt this morning, it was worth it.

I just hope that the energy will flow into me, so I can keep up with all the work. It’s tiring!

When was a time you saw your hard work pay off?


One response to “electricity

  1. Keith says:

    So this isn’t really a response to your question, but today we were doing a brainstorming activity and it amazing the ideas that happen when you let them happen.


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