small pieces of joy

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dropping like flies

on February 8, 2012

Today’s small thing: the sign of peace

Every Wednesday at my school we have an all school Mass…meaning we transport all 500 some students to the church for an hour of singing, listening, and praying. It’s one of the things I love about teaching at a Catholic school. As an educator I always focus on teaching the whole child, but when I’m praying with my kids it is definitely more apparent.

Yes mass is usually peaceful and prayerful, but when the church is warm, or kids didn’t eat breakfast…I become more like a mother, or nurse.

Today I had two students come to me and said he was feeling really warm and needed fresh air. So I escorted him to to back of the church to another teacher, and headed back to be with my class. A few minutes later, during the sign of peace (where everyone turns to the people around them and shakes hands), another student said he felt funny and so I escorted him out as well.

As I was returning the sign of peace was over, yet one student in front of me was still turned around with his hand outstreached. He was waiting for me to come back to shake my hand!

That just made my day…just when I think the students don’t care, one does something thoughtful like that.

What was something thoughtful someone did for you today?



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