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personal day

on April 27, 2012

Today’s small thing: taking a personal day off from work

Oh I would love to shake the hand of the person who developed personal days. It’s amazing how great it feels to know that things are still happening at work…and I’m not there!

My in-laws are in town visiting and I decided to use my last personal day to spend with them. So far it has been more than fabulous. We woke up, sat at the kitchen table chatting, went shopping, and now we’re relaxing at the apartment.

I found some new clothes to allow room for the baby bump, which has helped ease the stress of shopping for maternity clothes. I’m still not excited about the endeavor, but at least now I have started.

Tonight we are off to a lovely restaurant to celebrate my husband’s parents’ wedding anniversary. It is a restaurant in an old 1800s church and I’ve heard it is just fabulous. I hope it lives up to the reputation.

Now back to relaxing on the couch. I’m loving this personal day.

If you were to take a day off work, what would you do? 


4 responses to “personal day

  1. Keithykins says:

    I would love to do one of my favorite things in the world. Binge TV watching. I would sit on the couch and watch a whole season of a TV show. That sounds delightful.


  2. Grandma says:

    Papa says maybe we should take a day off. He thinks this steady work is boring! LOL.


  3. jess morgan says:

    nothing at all to do with you post, but a few tips on the maternity front: 1) loooong tank tops, a few different colors 2) a few “jackets” that dont button in the front 3) skirts with ealstic waistbands (you can roll the front part to go under your belly and leave the back higher to keep it up)

    the stretchy tanks will make the skirts more flattering by making them look snug, it’s layered in case you get hot, you dont have to worry about pants fitting just right and, best of all…

    none of it is actually maternity clothes! you can wear it all when you aren’t preggo too!!


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