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on April 28, 2012

Another small thing from yesterday: free cake!

Jonathan’s parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary earlier this week and they wanted to have a nice dinner with us for the occasion. Of course I wanted to find someplace special that they hadn’t been to, plus something unique to South Bend.

So I took the recommendation of some friends and we went to The Carriage House, which is a restaurant in a church that was built in the mid-1800s. I thought it would be a perfect atmosphere for a nice dinner, and hoped the food would be equally as great.

So we all got dressed up and went to the restaurant, which was about 20 minutes from our house but in a pretty obscure location. The front of the place was beautiful and definitely looked like a church. As we walked in the host took our coats and the owner took us to our table. Out waitress was incredibly friendly and made us feel right at home.

You could see the original wooden beams and brick, as well as where the chimney was for the original stove heating unit. Amazing.

The food was just as I had hoped. I had my first steak in a LONG time, and some fabulous mashed potatoes. Of course I was more than full after all that, but the dessert cart had been taunting us all since we walked in.

Everyone at the table was eager for dessert, but I was too full to think about adding more to my stomach. I gracefully declined dessert and thought I might take a few bites from the other desserts.

Our waitress came to check on us and asked what we ordered from the dessert person. When I said nothing she was a little shocked, then asked me what my dream choice would have been. She brought out my in-laws’ desserts with candles for their anniversary,

and she placed a huge piece of chocolate cake right in front of me and said “on the house.”

I couldn’t believe it! Free cake!

Of course that made the night even more special than it already was. Great company, interesting conversation, comfortable atmosphere, and of course, free cake.

What is your favorite place to splurge on a good meal?


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