small pieces of joy

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words of wisdom

on July 5, 2012

A small thing from earlier this week: the perfect advice

I was walking out of my apartment building and encountered an elderly lady with her walker trying to open the main door. I swooped in to help her open the door and there we started a small conversation. She said she had to get out for her daily walk, to which I responded that I should probably do the same thing. We discussed the weather a little bit and then as I walked to my car she said, “have a good day!”

but then she corrected herself and said,

Make it a good day

That almost stopped me in my tracks. Make it a good day. Its amazing how the change of a few words can transform the meaning of a sentence. Instead of passively having a good day if it comes, she is suggesting to take hold of the reins and proactively MAKE the day good.

Those are some wise words packed with a challenge.

So here I go, off to make it a good day. How about you?



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