small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on July 16, 2012

Yesterday’s small thing: floating on my belly

There are many things in our daily lives that we take for granted. I’ve learned of many of them as I’ve been going along this pregnancy journey. The biggest one is lying on my stomach! It’s been a difficult transition only lying on my sides since it cuts down on my sleeping comfort options.

Yesterday Jonathan and I along with our visiting friend Laura and our buddies Brett and Victoria went to Lake Michigan to enjoy the sun and the cool lake water.

The first thing I noticed as we got in the cool water was I could relax my body! Yeah! Then Jonathan allowed me to borrow his boogie board, and then I was in pure bliss. I floated around on my stomach and it was amazing! I could have stayed out there for hours.

It was so nice to lay on my belly.

It’s the small things 😉

Here are some pics from our adventure.

Happy Monday! What did you do this weekend?


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