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olympic day

on July 30, 2012

Today’s small thing: watching the Olympics all day

I haven’t been feeling too well today, mostly a stuffy nose and headache, which normally would be pretty obnoxious since we don’t have cable and I feel like I’ve watched every good movie on Netflix this summer.

Today I am very thankful for the Olympics. The only channel we get with our antenna is NBC–perfect!

What I’ve learned today:

White water Kayaking looks intense, especially when the kayak flips upside down. Yikes. Did you know they have to go upstream for some of the gates? Crazy!

Women’s indoor volleyball does indeed have cheerleaders.

Women’s water polo might be one of the most difficult sports, mostly because I can’t multi-task swim, and they get vicious with the dunking. I don’t think I’d survive.

The announcers need to work on their material a little. 

There are a lot of heats in swimming events before the actual final, but are just as exciting.

Bella Karolyi is really upset about the women’s gymnastics All-Around rules. From the few words I could understand him say. 

I could watch sports all day. And I have!


Anyway, I have enjoyed my day of learning about new sports, and I’m glad I had a reason to stay on the couch all day, even if I don’t feel too good.

What is your favorite summer Olympics sport? I love Gymnastics.


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