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chocolate cafe

on September 5, 2012

A small thing from this weekend: ice cream with the fam

It was a cloudy, warm, humid weekend, as well as it constantly threatened to rain. My family made the 10 hour drive to come visit us and I had so many grand plans. Going to the beach off Lake Michigan, attending the Blueberry Festival, maybe going mini-golfing or to the drive-in theater…but because of the threat of rain, and the not very appealing humidity, my plans went out the window.

I was a little bummed.

But then we decided to venture out on Sunday anyway. We found people in a park showing off their version of highland games–people stabbing bags of hay with pitch forks and throwing them over a high bar (turns out we were great spectators and were on the news later that night!). We listened to about 5 minutes of Irish music in our favorite pub before deciding we didn’t want to eat there. It was seeming to be a flop of an outing until….

…it was suggested to get ice cream!

We went to our favorite dessert place, The South Bend Chocolate Cafe, and pigged out on delicious delicacies.

Our moods were instantly improved and I stopped to soak in the family moment. Ice cream date with the family. So simple, yet so important. Something I took for granted when I lived close to home, a thing I treasure when they visit.

We also stopped on campus for a visit to the grotto, and of course some fun photos.

We spent the rest of our time together organizing baby clothes and making purchases for baby, as well as discussing possible names. It was nice just hanging out, once I got over my ‘plans’ and just let things happen. I miss my family daily, but I am so thankful that they love me enough to come visit as much as they do.

And as my brother Keith said, Kennedy table for 7 in October!


What small thing do you love to do with your family?


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