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couchfest 2012

on September 6, 2012

Today’s small thing: new couches!

For two years I have developed a love/hate relationship with our couch and loveseat. Jonathan inherited them from a relative, and they served their purpose: something better to sit on than the floor. They graced our living room with a bright green and floral pattern, and sometimes you could sink so far into them you had to roll out of them (that was me especially at 8 months pregnant.)

I loved them because it was better than sitting on the floor. I hated them because, well, they weren’t the most comfortable. Jonathan loved them because they served their purpose, and the couch was super long to accommodate his desire to lay fully extended.

We’ve always discussed getting new ones, but didn’t go much farther than talking. Recently I’ve had the strong desire to get new couches, so last week we capitalized on the Labor Day sales and bought some lovely couches for a great deal.

But first we had to remove the old ones…

Here enters couchfest 2012. Jonathan enlisted some manly men to help take them out of our apartment. Because the couch was so long, we had to hoist it over the balcony to the ground below. Here is a series of shots taken from the event.


We treated the guys to beers and snacks as a thank you.

Our new couches now have changed the entire look of our house. It feels so grown up! We need to break them in a little bit, but I have no problem enjoying the comfort of a nice sofa 🙂


I am a very happy woman.

What is your favorite piece of furniture in your house?


One response to “couchfest 2012

  1. Ellen says:

    They look sooo good!!!


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