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cup of tea

on November 20, 2012

Yesterday’s small thing: a real cup of English tea

So as many of you have heard, my dad suffered a seizure last week and had a growth in his brain. This news was definitely unexpected and hard to swallow. Especially being so far away from my family I kind of felt helpless and disconnected. It was hard to process, so I found many ways to distract myself. Well, the main distraction was taking care of my 6 week old little boy.

I got a text message soon after I posted the news on facebook from my friend Sarah. Sarah is the wife of a post Doc in Jonathan’s lab and they are both from England. In her text she said she’d like to make me a proper cup of English tea. She says that in England, anytime someone has a problem or needs to talk they have a cup of tea and it is very comforting. So of course I took her up on her offer.

Sarah came over yesterday with her tea bags from England and a roll of cranberry pistachio cookie dough. The key to the perfect cup of English tea is adding milk to black tea. It was delicious, and paired with the cookies I felt so relaxed.

Even though things were a little uncertain with my dad at the time, I saw how precious the little moments are. Sharing a drink with a friend being one of them. It is extra special when that friend has a great accent!

What is your comfort beverage of choice?

P.S. Dad had surgery today and we are awaiting the results to find out what exactly was growing in his brain. Continued prayers would be appreciated. My family already feels the effects and we are grateful!


One response to “cup of tea

  1. Courtney says:

    I do enjoy a good cup of tea. Just bought some from World Market. But my go to comfort drink is diet coke. I know it’s silly, but I can get through anything with a diet coke. Or gin. Gin is always good too…


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