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one hundred days

on January 15, 2013

Today’s small thing: George is 100 days old today!

100 days. A little under a third of a year. 

Remember when we celebrated 100 days of school and everyone had to bring 100 of something? That’s kind of how excited I feel today. Wow. 100.

100 days ago I was in the hospital recovering from surgery and meeting my new baby boy. My son who is entrusted to my care for the rest of my life. This beautiful human who had been growing inside me for nine months prior. My life didn’t change the day he was born. My life changed the moment I knew he was going to be coming into the world. As I carried him with me everywhere I went for those nine months, my life changed.

No longer was it about me. I had to watch what I ate, avoid margaritas and wine (sigh), sit down when tired, and ultimately think about how my actions were affecting the baby, even before he had his first breath of fresh air.

After his first cry and I held him, my life continued to change in more than 100 ways.

I now wake up when he needs to eat, not when I say it is time to wake up. I forget to shower for numerous days because I’m making sure he is free from the constant stream of spit up and dirty diapers. Every moment is dedicated to making sure he is happy. 

It is exhausting.

There have definitely been days where I’ve been so tired and cranky that I forget what a blessing it is to care for a small child. Those are the days where I leave the house once Jonathan gets home and have ‘me’ time. Or when I take a long shower. Or when I Skype with family or a friend. After feeling more normal, I find myself missing my little bambino. I then remember that I have the honor to call myself his mother, and I won’t ever trade that. 

So yes, my life has changed in this past 100 days (and before) and it will change daily forever. Some will be bad, but most will be good. Even on the worst days, when I see his smiles, I know I am exactly where I am meant to be. 

What has changed in your life in the past 100 days (since October 7th)?

“May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.” ~St. Therese of Lisieux


One response to “one hundred days

  1. mom says:

    You make me cry. I am so proud ro call you my daughter.


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