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on January 28, 2013

Today’s small thing: being reminded of beauty

Today was a case of the Mondays in our house. Last night George decided he wanted to see our faces about every 3 hours, and he wanted to share how his lungs have developed as well. Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep, which translated into a very rough day.

I was of course grumpy most of the day, upset that even after almost 4 months I haven’t had longer than a 4 hour stretch of sleep. Of course it is compounded because I read about many other babies at this point who are sleeping 6 consecutive hours or longer a night. Comparing is the worst thing I could be doing right now. But oh how easy it is to think everyone else has it much better, especially as a parent.

So I went through the day reading up on baby sleep habits and encouraging blogs about being a stay at home mom, and I started to feel better.

Then while George was lying on a blanket on the floor looking up at me, he smiled. And it was beautiful. I then started to sing the song “You are so Beautiful” to him and he smiled even more.


In all the worrying and stressing over lack of sleep, I probably have been missing more beautiful moments like that one. Where it is just me and my son, my beautiful, wonderful son, sharing a smile. God entrusted him to me not to make sure he sleeps through the night or makes my life easy. God gave this soul to me and my husband to make us better people, and to teach him to be a good person. Therefore I need to be the best version of myself. I can allow those ‘human’ moments to happen, but they can’t control me.

I must love my son with everything I have, even when I am sleep deprived.

And that is beautiful.

What is a beautiful moment you have witnessed lately? (I really would love to hear from you! It only takes a minute to respond)


8 responses to “beautiful

  1. Keithykins says:

    I was at Kelly’s apartment and people were jamming on instruments and singing together. We didn’t all know each other but came together in music.


  2. Grandma says:

    He looks like he is going to be an ornery one, he will keep you on your toes. Enjoy him, he will grow up too soon I Gaurentee. Great Grandma K.


  3. Ellen says:

    Madelyn has started giving me kisses on the cheek. Well, more like slobbery licks. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful experience.


  4. Jeyne says:

    I witness beautiful moments everyday from when I walk in the door and Karter runs to give me a hug or a giggle when a bubble pops in the bath tub during bath time or the morning smile when he is waking up…I remember those nights of very little sleep, I learned early on that no child is the same and never to go off someone else’s life experineces. His schedule will come in due time and then you will wish you had some of those late night moments with him. It goes by way to fast and then you turn around and a 1 1/2 year old is running through your house. Enjoy every moment and realize in about 18 years you can take that we’ll deserved nap 😉


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