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This is your birthday song…

on March 8, 2013

…it isn’t very long, HEY!

Today’s small thing: It’s my dad’s birthday!

My dad is famous for posting this saying on facebook walls for birthdays, ever since he learned it through Boy Scouts. So that was me saying it to him!

Dad, you do it all.

son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, friend

coach, scoutmaster, president.

To everyone you give a gift

your support, comfort, love.

I am who I am because of


Thank you for playing

Thank you for caring

Thank you for loving



Happy Birthday, Daddy!


Dad being fearless before the Polar Plunge!


The family at one of our favorite places, a Royals game!

Jonathan & Kari  076

Dad ready to take me to see Jonathan

nd dad kari

Dad and I after the Notre Dame vs. Navy game in South Bend

12.30.12 GeorgeBaptism1-97

George with his grandparents at his baptism


Dad with his grandson, George soon after he was born


Dad and I at a Wichita Thunder hockey game


Snuggle time with grandpa


4 responses to “This is your birthday song…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kari, I just dropped the students at art and sat down at my computer to answer today’s e-mails… here is the most beautiful tribute that made me tear up and then to look at the photos just made me cry. Your wedding was so beautiful! When I turned around and saw you and your parents, I just “lost it.” It has been a joy to watch you grow up, get married and become a mommy! George is a beautiful baby and he is so lucky to have all of you in his life. I still call my father “Daddy” and he is 87 years old. Whenever I say Dad, my family knows I’m talking about Allan. Daddy will always be Daddy. Okay, I can’t walk around the halls bawling, so I need to say so long. You are all so very blessed to have one another!! — Kathy


    • Kari says:

      Aw thanks, Kathy! I’m so glad that our families can share so much with each other. Thanks for being such a great friend to all of us!


  2. Keithykins says:

    Good Job, Sis!


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