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on April 18, 2013

Yesterday’s small thing: breakfast on campus with the hubby

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, but rarely do I take the time to cook a great one. Lately it has been peanut butter toast with a banana (and sometimes a little honey.)

George was having a rough night Monday, getting up about every 2 hours. It was a little reminiscent of newborn life! So we didn’t get much sleep. Plus, Jonathan had to run a long experiment so had to leave around 5am. We decided it would be a fun idea to meet for breakfast later that morning as a nice pick-me-up after a long night.

After our morning cuddles…


…we went to campus.

It was a beautiful morning for a nice brisk walk. George was more than excited to be outside!


We met Jonathan at his lab and walked through campus to the new restaurant in the library. There were so many good options! I chose a bagel with cream cheese and 99 cent coffee. Delish!



We enjoyed some good conversation and went to visit some people in another lab. George seemed to be fascinated by everything and everyone he saw. This is such a fun age!

That was a great start to our day. George didn’t want to nap the rest of the day, but we at least had a good start. 😉

What is your favorite breakfast food and/or place to have breakfast?


One response to “breakfast

  1. Keithy says:

    I need to go to breakfast places more often. My fav place is the Chef in Manhattan, but First Watch will do. Eggs and hash browns!


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