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Saint George

on April 23, 2013

Today’s small thing: celebrating St. George’s Day

We picked our son’s name because Jonathan had a love for his great-grandfather George. I loved the name because Saint George slew a dragon! (Apparently slayed isn’t a word….)


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It has been a tradition that people celebrate the feast day of their namesake saint, or their confirmation saint. Well today, April 23rd, is St. George’s day, so I really wanted George to have a fun saint day. 

St. George is the patron saint of England, as well as soldiers and the Boy Scouts. These hold a special place in my heart. England was the first foreign country I visited, some of my family members have served in the military, and my dad and brothers are very connected to Boy Scouts. 

Our English friend Sarah came over to celebrate with us today. She brought over an English flag and we had a little photo shoot with my own Saint George.


I treated her to a very American breakfast–biscuits and gravy–from my grandfather’s recipe. We then went shopping at Target to get some materials to make George’s baby food, and then we had a small lunch at Noodles and Company. 

I love that we celebrated what is a traditional English holiday in a very American way. 

It was a lovely St. George’s day. I am so happy we chose such a strong, meaningful name for our son. He has a lot to live up to, but I have confidence he will be a saint in his own way. 

St. George, Pray for us! Cheers!

If you have a saint’s name or confirmation saint, please share in the comments! 

Mine is Saint Bernadette. Her feast day is April 16th. She was visited by Our Lady of Lourdes and is the patroness of sick people. 


One response to “Saint George

  1. Kevin & Nancy Kennedy says:

    Love the shirt on GEorge


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