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one tablespoon

on April 26, 2013

A small thing from Sunday: George’s first food

I’ve been dragging my feet. George turned 6 months old two weeks ago and he could have been eating solid food then, but this mama was in denial.

He’s fine, I can feed him only my milk for just a little longer.

He looks ready, but I’m not.

How do I know what to feed him and how much?

What if I don’t feed him well?

I can’t believe he’s old enough for ‘real’ food!

Is he even going to like it?

These and many other thoughts were rolling through my head as we prepared to take the plunge. It seems so small; I’m just feeding him one tablespoon of rice cereal the consistency of almost water. Why is this so hard?

I think it was so hard because it is opening a big new door in our little one’s life. Once only relying on my milk, now he will have other foods! For the rest of his life he will be eating new foods and developing likes and dislikes. This is the beginning of a daily habit that we get to witness. And hopefully we will be good teachers as well.

Today George has been out of the womb for 200 days. I’m starting to reminisce about when he was ‘younger’ and realizing it won’t be long before I’ll be chasing him around a playground and even taking him to school!

Parenting is so incredibly hard. There are so many choices to make and there really isn’t a guidebook (mostly because you can read one thing in one book, and read that it is bad in another). How stressful it can be, caring for another human. But looking into the future and reflecting on the past I see why people say it is the best thing in the world.

My little man is growing up and thriving. Because of–and in spite of–me and my husband. And each new thing brings more joy!

And that is why we can handle these new steps.


One tablespoon after another.


One response to “one tablespoon

  1. Josie says:

    I learned there’s really not a right or wrong way of feeding or weaning, as long as mother and baby are happy. Every person is different, so just enjoy that special bond!


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