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daddy time

on May 5, 2013

A small thing from this week: daddy moments

I love my husband even more now that we have a son. I knew before we were married that he was going to make an amazing father in the future. He proves me right every day.

There is something very special about how a father reacts with his children. I see this every day that Jonathan is around George. They seem to have their own language–spoken and unspoken. 

They play hard and laugh even harder.


They explore everything with their unique sense of wonder and curiosity. 


And George looks forward to visiting daddy on campus to give him a break from the basement lab!


I am constantly surprised at the creativity Jonathan has when playing with George. It warms my heart to see him run around with George as a dragon, shooting imaginary fire balls at me. Or when George is held horizontally, locked and loaded ready to fire at Jonathan’s command. Or when they make dinosaur noises at each other between hysterical laughs. 

Daddy has so many qualities that Mommy doesn’t. Those qualities are so necessary in George’s growth and development. We compliment each other, and in turn George gets to learn from both of us. It is amazing how God’s design is so incredibly perfect.

I am so thankful George has a wonderful father to play with and look up to. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to learn a lot from his daddy!

Here’s to these and many more small–but so big–daddy moments. 

What is one of your favorite daddy moments? Mine is when we would go to the lake and I would stand on dad’s bent knees in the water and he would throw me far into the lake. Well, when I was little it seemed far 🙂


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