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on May 24, 2013

Today’s small thing: relaxing from our trip to KC (This was written on Monday, just now getting around to posting!)

I currently am drinking a nice cup of coffee after unpacking many bags. The calm after the storm is a little bittersweet. We were going non-stop since 6am last Wednesday so it is nice to be able to slow down, even though I miss everyone already. I guess I need to be thankful that I have such wonderful memories and people to miss!

Here is a brief recap of our adventures to Kansas City for my youngest brother’s graduation from high school!


George’s first bath in a big boy tub!


Car rides are exhausting


I missed my Uncle Keith!


Hanging out with Grandpa is SO fun!


My super stalker zoom got a good one of Kirk.


Look at those disinterested parents! Photo courtesy of Courtney.


Grandma lets me play with the best toys!


Next time George is driving.


It was a whirlwind visit but so wonderful. We saw my family and Jonathan’s, ate lots of great food, watched Kirk end his high school career, celebrated with friends and family in the traditional Kennedy way, and enjoyed many many small moments which will always be cherished.

We love you KC and hope to return very soon!

What do you like to do when you visit family? I love to eat good food and tell funny stories. 




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