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on May 28, 2013

Sunday’s small thing: baby geese!

Taking a walk around campus has become a weekend tradition, when the weather cooperates. We like to park close to the library and then walk to the grotto, the lakes, and then head back to the car. It’s a pretty simple path, but it always brings new and fun surprises.


Yesterday we were excited to go visit the geese and what did we see but five brand new babies! They were so small and fluffy and absolutely adorable. My camera lens loved them.


We also saw another goose family with grown up kids. I’d call them teenagers. But age didn’t matter to the parents, they hissed at anyone or anything that got a little too close.


George enjoyed watching the scene play out as we waited to see the little goslings get up and walk behind the parents. We could tell they were still new to the world because they would walk a bit and then plop right back down. But they did eventually get up all together and follow their mama, like all kids should.


I loved observing these creatures. It was fun imagining what they might be saying to each other and wondering what those little goslings were thinking. Taking pause to be still and watch life happen was pretty invigorating. I didn’t once check my phone, although I thought about tweeting or texting some pictures to share the moment with family and friends. But I decided to just be there. Not bilocate through the interwebs. Just be.


And it was bliss.

Be still, and know that I am God. –Psalm 46:10

What have you sat and observed about life recently?

Bonus pic: What our little man wore to mass. He’s growing up so fast!



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