small pieces of joy

pieces of joy in each day


on June 6, 2013

Today’s small thing: a whole lot of playin’ goin’ on

Jonathan and I have always loved to play. We chase each other, hide, goof around, and of course play board games!


We played a new version of Settlers of Catan called Explorers and Pirates. Needless to say I lost. But it was a fun new twist on our go-to game.

Now that we have George, our play has increased in frequency and variety.

Tonight we enjoyed some chocolate at the South Bend Chocolate Cafe and then let George explore around the old College Football Hall of Fame football field. He wasn’t sure of what to do, but we got some great shots!


G is for George—and GOAL!


Uncertain of this strange place


Lots of giggles!

After playing football it was bathtime. George has found a new skill and he sure loves to practice during his bath!

We could have given him a bath on the floor after his splashing extravaganza. But it was so worth the clean up!

It was a lot of fun playing with my family today. Play is so important to enhance creativity and it is very relaxing! Each day is much fuller with a little play and a little laughter that comes from it. Try to do a little of both each day. 🙂

What do you love about play?


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