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on July 31, 2013

Yesterday’s BIG thing: seeing the grand canyon

We have been on a wild ride since Saturday. One of my dad’s bucket list items has been to see the grand canyon. In the movie The Bucket List one of the things they wanted to complete was to see something majestic.

That is exactly what we did yesterday.

We loaded up in a private van with a tour guide and drove to Grand Canyon National Park. We spent some time driving through and seeing many incredible sights.


For just a big hole in the ground it was pretty amazing.


At first sight it didn’t even look real. My eyes were trying to adjust from picture mode to real life!


After our ground tour we took to the sky and experienced a breathtaking aerial view.

DSCN0882 DSCN0895

Upon our return it was hard to even wrap my head around what we saw that day. The earth is a truly incredible place that I often take for granted. It was such a great reminder of how big God is and the wonders He can do.

I also am in awe of the generosity and love we have received in order to make this trip a reality. Every day I give thanks for all those who in some way contributed to getting us here to see this!


In the helicopter ride, Dad summed it up perfectly.

My bucketlist is complete. We’ve seen something majestic.


4 responses to “grand

  1. Teri Kelly says:

    Glad you and your family were able to share in this awe inspiring trip.


  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing with all of us. Loved the smiles on all of your faces!! It truly is hard to believe and that you are really there and not looking at a photo or painting!! God’s handiwork is truly amazing!! I’m so happy for all of you.


  3. jensamayoa says:

    WOW! So amazing you were able to do this with your father. I am praying for both of you. Thank you for taking time to share with us. I love you!


  4. […] have been preoccupied with thinking about this day a year ago. It was the day we saw the Grand Canyon with Dad. It is a mixture of emotions which has brought both happy and sad tears throughout the day […]


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