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keep the candle burning

on August 24, 2013

Today’s small thing: an encouraging song

I was driving around running errands today when I decided to ditch the radio and listen to a CD. Not remembering what CDs I had in the car, I just turned it on and started listening. It was a mix CD I created about 10 years ago and it brought back some great memories.

The second song came on and it stopped me in my tracks. Listening to the lyrics I knew I was guided to hear it at that moment. 

When you’re walking in the dead of night 
And your soul is churning 
When your hope seems out of sight 
Keep the candle burning 
All it takes is one steady heart in a world that’s turning 
Shine a light and pierce the dark 
Keep the candle burning 

The rest of the song continues with a lot of encouraging words. 

I feel my family has been doing a good job of keeping our candles burning, but it is difficult to do all the time. It is a great reminder that we don’t have to do it alone.

Here is the song for your listening pleasure. 


2 responses to “keep the candle burning

  1. Grandma says:

    Thinking of you, we were at your folks house last night and your Dad was interacting more with everyone in spite of being tired. He should be more involved from here on as the medicines leave his body. Ken and Jeani are here and we had supper with them and Bernadette at your folks house. We watched the video of the Grand Canyon and the yukele group. Ken said he will be here to see us for a bit and then go back to see Kevin if he up to it this afternoon. We all love you, Hugs, Grandma.


  2. Aunt Carol says:

    Kari…your “small things” is such a pleasure to read. Todays is particularly thought provoking and comforting…my friend Ann calls these instances God stories/moments. A time where He lets you know that we are not alone and wraps us in His loving arms just a little bit tighter…Love to you always.


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