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pieces of joy in each day


on October 13, 2013

Yesterday’s small thing: apple picking

As I reflect on the past week I have been recalling all of the ‘firsts’ George has experienced lately. As he becomes more engaged with the world it has been a treat to see how he reacts to new things.

It is easy to go through each day not being surprised by anything. But this little man shows joy in anything new and remotely interesting.

Yesterday was no exception. We trekked up to Michigan to our favorite apple orchard and there began more discoveries.

We put George close to the tree to see what he would do, and his face said it all.


After picking a few apples and attacking them with his teeth, we tried letting him loose. It was rough terrain for the little man but he powered through even with an apple in hand.


It became exhausting trying to keep George from eating every little thing off the ground, so Grandma and Grandpa helped keep him tame.


I kept thinking about how much fun it has been showing him new things, and how much more fun it will be when he grows and can do even more with us.


We are very thankful for this reminder that there is joy to be found in things we normally take for granted. I need George to show me that daily because I have forgotten how to do that lately.


Here’s to finding a ‘first’ to discover each day.


One response to “firsts

  1. Great Grandma and Papa says:

    Oh, you are having so much fun. He is so precious, thank you for sharing the cute pictures!


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