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mission possible

on November 3, 2013

Yesterday’s small thing: a mission accomplished

I took my dad to the ND vs Navy game in 2009 which I later found out fulfilled one of his bucket list items. He loved every minute of his weekend visit to South Bend and especially reliving the movie Rudy as we walked through campus and went to the game.

I will always hold that day close to my heart.

nd dad kari

After the game Dad said , “We gotta get your mom to this game someday.”

I was planning on having Mom come visit while the hubby went to a week long conference. After she booked her flights I randomly thought to see if ND had a home game while she was here. Sure enough it was the Navy game. I knew we had to get tickets.

I channeled my resources and we got them! We were going to fulfill the mission!

Of course it was pouring down rain all morning which made it hard to get excited about being outside in the cold for multiple hours.  All I could think about was one game back in college where I was soaked to the bone and miserable while trying to cheer on my wildcats. I sure didn’t want to relive that experience!

Anyway all I really wanted to do is stay home and be warm, but we really couldn’t miss this game.

So we braved the cold and rain and went. Out coats were soaked during a downpour while enjoying my favorite pre-game entertainment: the band concert on the steps. We were even under a tree! We continued our time on campus and had a snack in the library while drying off. The rain tapered off as we walked to the stadium and never returned! I couldn’t believe that we didn’t see a drop the whole game.

We of course loved our seats, chatted with our neighbors and enjoyed the pregame show. Then it got amazing.

photo 2

The Navy Blue Angels did the flyover. What the what? We love the Blues! Mom’s brother flew #3 and #4 several years ago and we viewed many an air show in the early 90s. How cool that we got to see them at this game!

photo 4

Wow, Dad. No rain AND the Blue Angels? 

The game was competitive and exciting. The day was full of surprises and smiles. There was even an unoccupied seat next to me. It was Dad’s seat. I know he was there with us in spirit, and that was very truly special to have that physical representation.

It only took a few years, but we did it, Dad.

Mission accomplished.

photo 1


5 responses to “mission possible

  1. Keithy says:

    Beautiful post


  2. Ellen says:

    LOVE this! I am so glad you got to take your mom. And quite a game it was too!


  3. Kathy Flentie says:

    What a beautiful story and beautifully written! A couple of weeks ago, your mom and Keith were not going to the K-State game until “suddenly” on the Wednesday before a neighbor gave Nancy two tickets! As we were loading the car on the way back home from Manhattan, I told your mom that she certainly had a lot of faith. Her response was that she had “special people” in a special place! She and I both laughed together. I agree that The Good Lord and your dad have a hand in all the blessings that happen in your lives! P.S. Tell your mom what a fool I am. I KNEW you both were at the Notre Dame – NAVY game, and when she texted me that the Blue Angels were doing a flyover, I thought she meant at our game because we had Fort Riley Days… okay, it is a stretch to connect Fort Riley with The Blue Angels, but that is what I thought. I told everyone that The Blue Angels were going to flyover our stadium! I ❤ how perfect your day was with your mom! Love you– Kathy


  4. Jeyne says:

    What an amazing experience to have with your Mom!


  5. Mikala says:

    Did you know that two former Ksu students (my dads students) now fly the 3 and 4 planes?! Kindof a fun small-world circle with your story! We are going to San Diego over spring break and hoping to catch the Blue Angels first airshow of the year out there!


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