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a challenge

on December 3, 2013

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I feel it is time to actually do this.

Since Dad’s passing I’ve been thinking over and over about what I said to him in his last few months of life. Did I tell him all I needed and wanted to tell him? Did he know that I love him, and what about him I will cherish forever?

I hate thinking that it took him being sick for me to want to say all those things. I am thankful, however, that I was able to. But I want to speak my love more clearly and while I can.

So here is the challenge.

I’m going to call it “Speak Your Love”. 

Identify five people in your life and send them a handwritten note stating the things you appreciate about them. It doesn’t have to be much, or take very long, but it will be a way to know that you told them. And a way for them to know how loved they are!

I just feel that people need to know how they affect others, and that they are valued and loved. 

So let’s see if we can each write notes to five people by Christmas. Do you think we can do it? I’m going to try!

Ready, Set…Speak Your Love!


3 responses to “a challenge

  1. Teri Kelly says:

    I will write my letters. You are right, we often don’t say the important things that we should.

    Brant is my friend who had the same cancer as your dad. He and his wife offered to come talk to your parents about their experience. He battled for 3 1/2 years and passed away last week. Here is the power of his written words as shared by his son…..

    Not long after Dad got sick, he gave my mom an envelope labeled “unfinished notes.” He told her that the envelope contained various things he was working on and that it was not to be opened unless he passed. Among other things, the envelope contained specific notes to Mom, Foster and me, his parents, and others. Though we don’t know exactly when Dad wrote the notes, they appear to have been written at one time in the same color ink. We believe, as the title “unfinished notes” indicates, that he did not consider them finished, and intended to make additional changes as he continued to live his life. The following note was originally addressed to “my buddies,” but at some point, in a different color ink, he changed how it was addressed. We decided that Carepages was the best way to distribute Dad’s note, exactly as it was written, to the people he intended. The note now reads:

    “To my many friends, buddies & clients
    We shared ourselves, our frustrations as well as our tears & fears, very often peppered with laughter—the spice of life—I always liked it spicy
    Please help my boys and Lucy and each other

    Places I shared your friendship
    Tents, duck blinds, tents, lunch table, church, breakfast table, campfires, your homes (and mine), cabins, villas, board rooms, roofs, parking lots, yards, hallways, pews

    I am truly humbled by your generosity” Brant


  2. You know Kari…my son was sick, really sick when he was in middle school. We almost lost him and he stayed sick for a couple of years. Horrible experience. But it really taught us to live more in the moment…and he lives his life that way almost all the time.

    Not too many years after that, my kids’ dad died…sort of out of the blue. Just 50 years old.

    So I believe in this philosophy to the max. It also made me more plain speaking. These traumas taught me to say what I mean when I talk. I don’t say stuff just to be nice and I try (and I could some prayer support in this area of weakness) to stay positive.

    I think it is also a gift of love to the people with whom you interact to know that you are a person of your word, true to what you say and solid as a rock behind them. When I think of you, that’s what I think of. It’s what I try to be.

    So right on girlfriend…. let’s love the world into oblivion.


  3. PS….I forgot to tell you my favorite “I love you note” mother trick. Put a little something in the lunchbag. Not every day…but every once in a while. Even a big heart drawn on the waxed paper works. Kids may complain about it but they really love it.

    I also bombed them when they went to summer camp. I always bought up all sorts of random cards….MErry Christmas, Happy Easter, Halloween….and then everyday they were gone I’d send one of these goofy cards. We with a big smiley face and “x” and “o”. People always thought it was weird but my kids thought it showed that I thought about them all year and that I loved them!

    So I’m all about the note doesn’t have to be big or long. Just stuff with authentic love.


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