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on February 9, 2014
Snowy Notre Dame via @notredame

Snowy Notre Dame via @notredame

Today’s small thing: an outing on campus

Living close to a college campus has many advantages. Sports events, musical performances, miles of sidewalks, small restaurants, etc.

It has been so cold here we haven’t had many chances to take George outside. I don’t think we have seen temperatures above freezing since the beginning of January. And most days have had below freezing wind chills which just make me run for the heated blanket (if I had one).

Today was supposed to be around 20 degrees and the warmest for the next few days so we took George to the campus library.

He basically ran from the parking lot to the library entrance, trying to keep up with his daddy’s long strides. He stopped every few feet just to touch the snow piled along the sidewalks, and then kept walking until he needed to touch snow again.

Once in the library he acted like we weren’t there, weaving through people in the cafe until we had to pick him up for fear of him getting trampled or touching all the delicious desserts.

We settled in on a couch in the lobby and ate some fresh pastries, watching the students pass by. George wouldn’t be contained and kept throwing all the free magazines to the floor. He also wanted to take the ‘wet floor’ sign home as a souvenir. Oh the life of a toddler is never boring.

It was a simple outing and was less than an hour. But it made my day. My little family spending time together.

Watching George continue to explore and discover reminds me of how life with a child is more than parents molding this small human. This child molds me each day. He teaches me that I can find beauty in little things, I never should stop learning, and I can be more selfless. The last one is very difficult to do. But it is good to be reminded of.

Our little outing was all I needed for a full cup today. And that is all I need to get by.

What little thing did you do today that filled your cup?


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